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FitGrit Story

Scott was lonely and covered in mud. He was all alone at a mud run. He needed some friends, so he decided to make an app for people to meet up at mud runs together.

The mud run business was crazy, highly volatile and not big enough for an app. It seemed as though Scott would remain forever alone, covered in mud.

Then Scott met Joel and they figured out there are many niche fitness interest; like yoga, crossfit, silks, paddelboarding. But none of these niche interests were big enough for an app.

They asked around and everyone loved the ideas of fitness together.

An opportunity!

Scott and Joel made a simple, effective app that connects people based on their unique fitness interests. And FitGrit - Fitness together, was born.

Name Scott Bucci
Scott BucciFounder
Name Jim Bucci
Jim BucciFounder
Joel Beasley
Joel Beasley App Developer